Breathtaking and magnificent scenery of Biei.

In this workshop, you will see the beautiful moments of Biei.
Mountain ranges, flora and fauna, scenic hills and nature of Hokkaido.

Visiting Biei’s major tourist points and some other photo spots at the best time of the day.
Receive personal photography tutition at each location.

We are very welcoming foreign people.

Photographer is able to speak English. Therefore your trip around Biei and Furano will be better than others.
Please give us an email or contact me via WhatsApp.


1Day Half Day Star light


1Day TOURS : Price(Upfront Payment)

1Person ¥40,000
2Person ¥60,000(¥30,000*2)
3Person ¥84,000(¥28,000*3)

1Day Booking

Half Day TOURS : Price(Upfront Payment)

1Person ¥30,000
2Person ¥50,000(¥25,000*2)
3Person ¥66,000(¥22,000*3)

Half Day Booking

Star light TOURS : Price(Upfront Payment)

1Person ¥10,000
2Person ¥18,000(¥9000*2)
3Person ¥27,000(¥9000*3)

Star light Booking

※Group workshop(4+) welcome. Please ask for more details.

・Pick up and drop off are available in following area.
Biei town, Kami Furano city, Asahikawa Airport, Asahikawa city(+¥1000) Furano city(+¥1000)

・Terms and Conditions.
In case of inclement weather. Workshop may cancel.
In this case, cancellation fee is not required. However stop during workshop is full amount required.
Result of photography depends on weather and seasons.
It maybe not able to see the scene you image.

・Understands that the promoter accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for loss or damage to the any property of participants.

・Cancellation fee
Before more than 4days notice 0% required
Less than 3days notice. 100% required